Addressing Trade Rumors

Carmelo Anthony posts up Rajon Rondo.Recently, the Knicks have seemed very desperate, by exploring their 2011, 17th overall pick Iman Shumpert.  It has been rumored that the Knicks have proposed trades for Kenneth Faried, Omer Asik, and Rajon Rondo.  Head coach of the Knicks, Mike Woodson, now has implemented last years sixth man of the year, J.R. Smith into the starting line up.  It seems more and more as if Shumpert is slowly becoming less cherished by management.  Shumpert is also one of the Knicks most valuable trade assets, but is he enough to bring in a productive player who will actually make a difference?

The Knicks reportedly proposed a trade to the Celtics, offering, Amar’e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, and of course Iman Shumpert for Rajon Rondo.  Celtics GM Danny Ainge declined without a thought.  If the Knicks could some how, some way, pull off this deal, owner James Dolan would look like a genius.  Unfortunately, this trade didn’t and will never happen.  Stoudemire and Felton have been playing mediocre at best and Shumpert has not fully lived up to expectations so far this season.  Although Shumpert is a talented defender that is not enough to acquire Rajon Rondo.  The Celtics are not looking to trade Rondo, but they would be willing to swap the expensive power forward  Amare Stoudemire for the lengthy contracts of Courtney Lee and Gerald Wallace.  If the Knicks want to have more flexibility in 2015 free agency, this trade should not be accepted.

Another rumored trade has involved reeling in Omer Asik to New York.  Trading for Asik has the potential to be detrimental to the Knicks roster in the long run.  Although, in the time being, Asik would be very helpful and productive, once Tyson Chandler comes back, there is no room for Asik on the roster.  Also, trading the Knicks only asset for somebody who demands trades, when coming off the bench, would result in more Knicks drama.  Who needs more of that?

The first real report of a Knicks trade involving Iman Shumpert was rejected by Denver Nuggets General Manager, Tim Connelly.  The New York Knicks proposed a trade that would send Iman Shumpert to the Nuggets for 3rd year power forward Kenneth Faried.  This trade would have brought a young, athletic, rebounding player to New York.  The Knicks desperately need some interior defense with the absence of Tyson Chandler.  Kenneth Faried was drafted the same year as Shumpert and fans should not assume that they are simply throwing away their future, if this trade is further explored.

If the Knicks were to really trade Shumpert, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.  They have two talented shooting guards in J.R. Smith and Tim Hardaway Jr.  Iman is a very talented, young athlete who the Knicks would miss locking down the perimeter.  It is not known what trade is likely or where Shumpert will end up.  Knicks management needs to slow down and wait for a trade that is acceptable before they just try to trade Shumpert quickly.  Iman is a big part of what the Knicks do and he will be missed, if he’s traded.


One response to “Addressing Trade Rumors

  1. Knicks should keep Shumpert, hes young, talented, and has a great smile. I like the point you made about possibly picking up Asik who is looking to get off the bench and play starting five for a team, but Chandler’s hopefully quick return throws away that idea as you mentioned.

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